Letra de Divided de incubus

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Publicado el: 2016-12-02 | Total Vistas: 53
I thirst but never quench
I know the consequence, feeling as i do
We're in a spinning top
Where, tell me, will it stop
And what am i to say
Open our music book, that only few can look
And i'll write a song for you
Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody
'cause i write a song for you
Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate
In another place
There in your silent night
Joy of a song's delight
I write a song for you
You write a song for me
We write a song for love
My magical mystique, finding it all complete
In a lovely face, feeling we try to chase
Memories that won't erase, stay forever new
We have a magic box in which is never locked